Odor Control

Odor emissions and impacts vary greatly, but the need to identify and correct problems remains constant. Many firm apply the same control solution to every odor challenge they encounter. By contrast, Tech Environmental believes that understanding the complete scope of odor control options is essential to properly solving odor nuisance conditions or avoiding them altogether.

Tech is familiar with the full range of control technologies, from source to stack. We devise appropriate and cost-effective controls with a combination of odor science, chemical engineering, and sustainable system design. Whether our clients require odor sampling, modeling, specification or training, Tech Environmental's focused knowledge will lead to a real solution to any odourous challenge.

Foot Odor Control Socks

  • Nuisance Assessment
  • Odor Prevention
  • Control System Design
  • System Optimization
  • Odor Training
  • Public Relations and Expert Testimony

Example Projects

More Examples

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