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    Odor Control
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    Engineering, Design & Startup
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    Bellingham, MA

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Jefferson at Bellingham Luxury Apartments


Amphidrome Biofilter Odor Control Design/Build


The residents of Jefferson at Bellingham, a high-end luxury apartment complex, were experiencing elevated levels of odors from an on-site Amphidrome package wastewater treatment system. The activated carbon odor control system installed with the treatment system had very little capacity for odor which resulted in frequent fugitive emissions and required habitual replacement of the small carbon filters. The situation resulted in many offended residents and numerous odor events, including one that caused the closure of the community's pool over the July 4th holiday.

Tech Environmental quickly assessed the odor situation and determined that a better long-term solution would be to ventilate the wastewater treatment process more effectively, while using a biological odor control system to improve control and reduce operations and maintenance demands. Tech designed an in-ground biofiltration system to control the odors created by the wastewater system, as well as oversee the installation. Tech completed the mechanical design for a 2,500 CFM in-ground biofilter system that was installed adjacent to the wastewater treatment system and specified all associated mechanical equipment. The project was constructed by Methuen Construction under the management of the Burns Companies.

The result is a residential community no longer living with odors from a previously problematic wastewater system - as illustrated by the residents' enjoyment of the July 4th holiday by the pool in 2009.

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Key Points

  • The residents of a high-end luxury apartment complex were experiencing elevated levels of odors from an on-site Amphidrome package wastewater treatment system.
  • Tech assessed the odor situation, determined the means to a long-term solution, and created a mechanical design for an odor control biofilter system. The residential community no longer experiences odors from the wastewater plant.

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