2012-02-09: Tech Environmental, Inc. Continues Acoustic Work for Maine DEP

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection(DEP) and the Land Use Regulation Commission (LURC) have pre-qualified Tech Environmental, Inc. (TE) for on-call peer review noise consulting services regarding wind turbine and other industrial projects needing a permit under Maine DEP's Site Location of Development Law or LURC's Development Review and Approval Law. The prequalification for contract work extends for four years.

TE presently provides on-call acoustic consulting services to Maine DEP regarding wind turbine projects under an existing Professional Services Contract, and that work involves peer-review of Site Location of Development applications, wind project modification applications, and post-construction monitoring for compliance with DEP's Regulations for the Control of Noise. To-date, TE has assisted Maine DEP on six wind turbine projects, dealing with issues of low-frequency and infrasound, acoustic model uncertainties and model validation, Short Duration Repetitive Sounds, post-construction sound compliance monitoring and compliance data analysis. Tech Environmental has provided acoustic consulting on 54 wind energy projects throughout the U.S., working for both developers and for host communities as an independent peer-review expert.

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