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    Air Quality
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    Permitting / Compliance
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    Wellesley, MA

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Wellesley College Air Permitting


Air Permitting Compliance Support


Wellesley College operates four boilers and five cogeneration engines as part of their Central Heating Plant; all are covered under their Operating Permit. They also house other smaller boilers and emergency diesel generators that are considered to be insignificant sources. Tech Environmental was retained by Wellesley College to provide support in complying with the requirements of their Title V Operating Permit, including the preparation of the Operating Permit Renewal application.

Tech completes several permit compliance reporting and emissions tracking tasks that ensure that Wellesley College is in compliance with its Operating Permit. Tech assists in tracking the monthly fuel usage for the boilers and the operation of the engines and calculates emissions on a monthly basis.  These emissions are also used to complete the annual electronic source registration for the MassDEP. Tech helps to prepare the quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports required under the Operating Permit. In addition, Tech also prepares reports related to the use of the specification used lube oil under the Waste Oil Permit. Because of Tech's knowledge and experience with the College's emissions sources, we were called upon to prepare the Title V Operating Permit renewal under an extremely tight deadline set by MassDEP. Tech worked closely with Wellesley College and MassDEP to meet this deadline. Tech continues to provide oversight of the College's Operating Permit reporting requirements and annual source registration.

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Key Points

  • Tech was retained by Wellesley College to prepare their Title V Operating Permit, its Renewal applications, and associated compliance and emissions tracking reports.
  • Tech works closely with Wellesley College and MassDEP to meet applicable deadlines.

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