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    Noise / Vibration
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    Energy / Power
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    Environmental Study
    Permitting / Compliance
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  • Location:

    Gloucester, MA

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Gloucester Wind Power Project


Noise Analysis for Wind Turbine


A private developer in Gloucester, MA proposed to install a small wind turbine to provide energy. Tech Environmental provided a cost-effective noise assessment to assist in the permitting process.

Tech made ambient background sound level measurements around the proposed wind turbine site in residential areas, and correlated the results with wind levels at a nearby airport. Manufacturer's data for wind turbines were used to calculate future sound levels in the area from the turbine, using a simplified, lower cost assessment method, in which a worst-case noise scenario was modeled from the proposed turbine design. Model results were compared to measured background levels to determine if potential noise increases from the new turbine could be sufficient to cause noise impacts. The noise assessment results were deemed acceptable to both MEPA and the project developer.

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Key Points

  • A private developer required assistance with the permitting process in an effort to erect a small wind turbine.
  • Tech measured sound levels and used computer modeling to determine potential noise impacts, and the assessment results were deemed acceptable by regulators.

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